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Alessia Ranieri


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Focus of practice

Alessia Ranieri is a Counselling Psychologist (HCPC registered), PCP Psychotherapist (Institute of Constructivist Psychology) and a PhD in Leadership Development (Henley Business School).

She is currently working as a private practitioner and offers counselling to individuals and couples, in English and Italian. She is also a leadership development consultant and offers interventions for managers working within the public as well as the private sector.

She has several years of clinical experience in a range of different areas including pain management, personality disorders, identity struggles, bereavement, anxiety and depression.

She also graduated with a thesis on PCP for Leadership Development and as a leadership consultant she worked with professionals in healthcare, IT and business roles.

Her approach to counselling and consultancy aims at finding new ways for the person to deal with their circumstances and emotions while nurturing and valuing their personal uniqueness.

She sees counselling and leadership development not just as answers to contingent difficulties but also as opportunities for the clients to get to know themselves better, discover their aims and purposes in life and enrich their relational and professional selves.