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Welcome to the community for practitioners working with children, young people and families. We hope this forum will draw together those in education, health and care settings, and those using PCP in assessment and in intervention or therapy. We welcome contributions from contributors at all levels or familiarity with PCP theory. Please join us for discussions about practice and the application of techniques.
You can contact Heather: Heather@covpcp.com

Joint meeting of UKCP Child Faculty and College of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy >>

1. The first joint meeting of these two groups within UKCP whose primary focus is the emotional well-being of children and young people took place on 10th June 2016.

The aim was to talk about our common interests and how we could collaborate more closely.

2. The College was originally set up to devise and operate standards of training for psychotherapists working with children and as experts in this field they accredit individual members and training organisations. The Faculty’s remit is more outward focusing and has organised forums and conferences to attract all professionals working with children. It has its own website and has explored how social media can be used more effectively to make contact with children.

3. The group members believe that the mental health needs of children and young people are now being more widely discussed and are more conspicuous within health, social care and education agendas.

4. At the end of our meeting we agreed that our attention must initially focus on the following issues:

- Maintaining dialogue with the Chair and Chief Exec of UKCP to encourage a more visible engagement with public policy issues relating to children
- Identifying who we wish to connect with in the children’s workforce and how our message is conveyed, eg developing the current Child Faculty website with a more distinctive branding / profile
- Expert advice on using social media to connect with children and young people
- Planning a national conference in 2017
- Working with central office on the administration and accrediting of applicants for the Child Proficiency Marker
- Developing and revising policies such as the training standards, supervision, ethics and complaints, safeguarding

5. Another joint meeting is planned for October and I will report back on latest developments.

Adele Pile – 14.06.16