​Clare Morris

People with Dementia and their Families



tel: 07545 287139
email: clrmrrs@me.com
website: claremorris.org.uk

Focus of practice

The focus of my work is in developing therapeutic interventions for people with dementia and their families, including those at risk of genetic forms of dementia.

I work both independently and have founded a Community Interest Company to develop inclusive, accessible and sustainable activity for people living with dementia, their families and friends. Yoga therapy, cycling projects, music, art and counselling, and the opportunity to be part of this growing company.

Learning and relearning skills and influencing decision making to raise the funding to make meaningful supportive services accessible for all. See

I also run workshops and courses with a view to making therapeutic and validating activities more widespread. I am based in London but the vision is
nationwide. My publications on the experience of symptoms of dementia, Personal Construct Psychology and Dementia, and Yoga with people with
dementia can be downloaded from my website.

Psychotherapists Supervisors