Jenny Newland

Individuals and Couples

Perth and Kinross

Jenny Newland


Tel: 07954229255
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Focus of practice

Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching and Education

I use PCP work in both therapeutic and educational contexts, practising as a psychotherapist and teaching maths therapeutically or ‘maths therapy ’.

I have always enjoyed keeping a lot of variety in my life and work and I find that allowing diverse interests to develop and having to adapt to the differing roles of educator, psychotherapist/counsellor and coach, keeps me on my toes and helps to ensure that my working life is both exciting and challenging in the way that I want it to be.

My approach to both psychotherapy and teaching is creative, patient, respectful, sensitive and practical with the aim of helping people to learn, grow and move towards their personal goals.

I work with people both face to face, online and also outdoors.

Other interests include white-water kayaking, rock climbing, gardening and making short animated films.