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The Clinical / Therapy Community of practice represents PCPA at UKCP. It maintains a list of registered PCP psychotherapists, and represents PCPA on the executive of the constructivist college. It also maintains a list of people who are involved or interested in PC Psychotherapy.

Here are two recent papers which propose ways in which Personal Construct Psychology takes a gentler and different look at Mental Health. They are written by Dr Kev Harding and we have them by his kind permission.
Paper a: pdf download
Paper b: pdf download

Adele Pile is joint lead of the Clinical / Therapy Community of Practice . She is currently leading the PCPA UKCP quinquennial review subcommittee and is the PCPA representative on the UKCP committee on working with children. Adele writes: I qualified as a personal construct psychotherapist in 2002 having been hooked into the philosophy of PCP since the early 1990s. I have spent my career in the NHS working as a speech and language therapist and service manager and I believe that without my training in constructivist psychotherapy I would not have been able to work effectively with children, families and staff members. I retired from my managerial role in the NHS in 2012 but maintain a clinical caseload.

I would love to hear from you: adele.pile47@gmail.com

Diane Allen is also joint lead of the Clinical / Therapy Community of Practice
-Diane is an HCPC registered counselling psychologist and a psychotherapist who has recently been awarded a Doctorate in Psychotherapy. She is also an EMDR therapist. Diane worked within an NHS mental health setting for nearly 20 years and retired from the NHS in 2014. She is also experienced in working with people who have anger as their primary problem and was involved in the anger group within the NHS for a number of years. Diane has expertise in working with couples who have problems in their relationships.

You can contact her at: Diane Allen: dianeallen13@gmail.com