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PCPA is the representative body for PCP in the UK. It is a member of UKCP which is one of the major regulators of Psychotherapy in the UK.

PCPA aims to be a melting pot of ideas, information and experience, in addition to its role within Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Recent workshops include:
• Dreams led by Mary Frances
• Idiographic Assessment led by David Green
• Drama with Bryn Jones
• Resistance to Change and Life Stories led by Helen Jones
• Reflections on PCP led by Sally Robbins
• Review of papers from the EPCA conference in Bruno
• Constructivist approaches to Stress
• Working with Families using PCP-Interviewing methods led by Professor Harry Procter

In the spring of 2015 the first cycle of a two year internet-based Diploma in PCP and a short internet-based course in Constructivist Approaches to Coaching were completed.

PCPA is also starting to produce web-based PCP resources. The first of these is now available on You Tube: Professor Harry Procter demonstrating and elaborating Qualitative grids:

The PCPA Board is organised into “Communities of Practice”, with each community having a lead representative. The communities identified so far are:

Organisational: John Fisher - John.m.fisher @ blueyonder.co.uk
Educational: Chris Walker - chris.walker@psi-uk.com
Children: Heather Moran - heatherjmoran@yahoo.co.uk
Clinical / Therapy: Adele Pile - adele.pile47@gmail.com and Diane Allen - dianeallen13@gmail.com
Foundation and Regional courses: Sally Robbins - sally.robbinspcp@gmail.com
Diploma Courses: Alan Thomson - alanthomson34@gmail.com

The function of the Board is now to coordinate and integrate a wide range of activities, within each community of practice, and to continue to provide a wide range of courses that deliver PCP focused development.
If you are interested in PCPA activities please contact me, or any of the Community of Practice leads.

Peter Cummins: Chair: peter@covpcp.com