The Personal Construct Psychology Association (PCPA) is an Organisational Member of UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and has accrediting status. We are one of the organisations within the Constructivist and Existential College of  UKCP and have seats on the Executive Committee.

Joining PCPA

Any professional who has an interest in the applications of Personal Construct Psychology is invited to join PCPA as a Friend in order to connect with a network of like-minded colleagues and to take advantage of training opportunities. They will normally have completed a Foundation Level Certificate and be interested in developing their knowledge and practice.

You can access an application form here

Training in PCP

A Diploma in Personal Construct Psychology and Counselling is available on an international training course provided by the University of Padua in Italy.

There are several trainee members of PCPA currently studying for this Diploma.

As part of the course, they are required to undertake clinical practice, supervision and self-reflexive practice before applying for accreditation.

The course commences each year in the autumn. Follow this link for further information

Registered Members

Registered members have completed a Diploma in Personal Construct Counselling and Psychotherapy and are accredited by PCPA.  They can then become registered members of UKCP.

Registrants agree to abide by all policies and guidance of both PCPA and UKCP and have to apply for re-accreditation each year by submitting an application setting out their professional practice and continuing professional development activities.

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